The Northside Group

We’ve written about this extensively in the past.

Briefly, years ago, when Northside, (a Ramsay Health Care subsidiary,) was just one clinic, when the Police got involved, they found enough evidence of misconduct by one of it’s Psychiatrists to result in him eventually being sent to gaol for two years and barred from practicing medicine for 5 years. And there were allegations at the time that numerous complaints about this Psychiatrist had been made over the years to Ms Anne Mortimer, Northside’s CEO, which she’d ignored. Ms Mortimer denied this strenuously, of course, – but there were certain inconsistencies in what she’d had to say. And when an email to her asking for her comment on these inconsistencies, it resulted in a strongly sarcastic reply coming back from one of Ramsay’s PR people saying that Ms Mortimer was far too busy to respond, and that this would continue to be so in the foreseeable future, and saying in effect that the author of the email should “p__s off.”

Since then, the Northside Clinic has expanded into the Northside Group, with Ms Mortimer being the CEO of the whole group.

We’d love to know how any of our readers might have got on if they’ve had any problems with anything about the Northside Group in the years since, in particular how they’ve got on with Ms Mortimer and Ramsay’s PR people. Our guess would be that not much has changed!

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