The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission in action 4

Over the last 4 months and 7 days, i.e. in more than a third of a year, when this Commission is, according to it’s own records receiving more than 200 complaints a year, the majority of which, you would think, would be about doctors, it’s put up on it’s website 6 Media Releases – see the screen shot below.

One about a Pharmacist, one about a Psychologist and one about a Nurse – 3 about doctors.

Doctor 1 was found to have not been guilty of anything wrong. Doctor 2 was found to have been prescribing a medication that hasn’t yet been approved for use in Australia. Dr 3 was found to have done not a very good job, but who was/is “retired” anyway.

So, in more than a third of a year, in the face of goodness knows how many complaints about doctors, not one currently practicing doctor has been found to have done not a very good job.

It wouldn’t surprise us if Commissioner Dawson and her people at the HCCC are operating ¬†under a brief personally provided by Premier Berejiklian herself – “Don’t find too many doctors to have done not a very good job – people might start thinking that we haven’t got a brilliant health care system in New South Wales.”

In a word – we’re disgusted!

Goodness know how many complaints it would get if it ever started doing anything useful and effective about them

A couple of times lately we’ve been taunted by doctors saying, “Oh, you obviously haven’t got anything to complain about – otherwise you would have made a complaint to the Health Care Complaints Commission.” What? and waste all that time and effort?

A Fri. 16 Nov. 2018 update: No further Media Releases to report in a further 22 days.

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