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Two of our readers, a grandmother and a father, have sent us emails outlining another horror story of experiences in government hospitals under the Berejiklian Government. 

The claims are that a young man, 19 years of age, had developed severe glandular fever in early October last, such that he had been taken to the Royal North Shore government hospital in St Leonards, and while there, on top of that, he’d developed pneumonia in early to mid-November and was in a lot of pain, so much so that he’d ended up in intensive care for several days. The antibiotics they gave him didn’t seem to be working. Eventually he was moved into a respiratory ward, still in a lot of pain, where it was discovered that he had a number of litres of fluid in his chest, presumably infected, which were “squashing his lungs.” A drain was put in to drain out the infected fluid, but after 3 days only 1100 mls of fluid had drained. 

Clearly an operation was needed, perhaps a major one. But the hospital he was in “couldn’t guarantee a theatre” in which an operation could be carried out!!!  So he was moved from the North Shore government hospital to the North Shore private hospital, where, on 28 November, he had an operation that lasted 3 hours – clearly a major one.

After this operation, the surgeon who carried it out claimed:-

(1) that he had found the patient’s chest to be “a mess,”

(2) that what had made the operation so difficult was that the patient must have had the infection for a long time, almost certainly that he’d had the pneumonia BEFORE he’d had the glandular fever, but that this hadn’t been picked up. (Imagine that – that perhaps he was being treated for glandular fever when the problem was pneumonia all along. Perhaps that’s why the antibiotics that he as was given hadn’t worked – perhaps they were the wrong antibiotics.)

(3) that the reason why so much fluid had developed in his chest that it was squashing his lungs was that, while a drain had been put in to drain fluid from within his lungs, nothing had been put in to drain the fluid from around his lungs which is where it was really needed.

A lot of these things can only be speculated on because, as we’ve said many times, the chances of finding out what really happened in government hospitals under the Berejiklian Government is NIL. As is the chances of finding anyone who cares. As is the chances of finding anyone who is accountable.

The good news is that this surgeon says that the patient should be right from here on, although it will take another 6 weeks before he’s fully recovered. So three and a half or four months – from early October until the middle of January or perhaps late January – out of a young mans life!

We’re emailing a copy of this post to the CEO of the government hospital for his or her information and comments – we’ll let you know if it’s even acknowledged.

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