The NSW Liberal Government – as from March, 2019 – dealing with 6

A letter sent by email earlier today, (6 Dec. 2019,) to the manager of the Royal North Shore government hospital in St Leonards, NSW, with a copy to Minister Hazzard, the present NSW Minister for Health.

Experiences in the past would indicate that this email won’t even be acknowledged, let alone responded to, by either the Manager or the Minister, at least while we have the present Liberal government in power in New South Wales – we’ll let you know if we’re wrong this time.

We have the feeling that the bottom line will be that patients in this hospital, and perhaps other NSW government hospitals, will often have to be transferred to other hospitals if they need an operation – that’s if they’re well enough to be transferred.

And nothing is ever going to change until the people of New South Wales start voting only for people to represent them in the Parliament and the Government who don’t come over as feeling that they don’t have the slightest obligation to be accountable to them, who don’t even acknowledge emails seeking help and/or information, and who don’t come over as completely and utterly useless.

Have any of our readers got a helpful response to a request for help and/or information sent to a Member of Parliament lately? – if so, we’d love to hear all about it. And we’re sure our readers would love to hear about it as well.

Or perhaps a sitting member could send us examples of helpful responses they’ve sent to constituents lately!!!??? I’m sure we’d fall over with shock if this ever happened.

One of the problems, of course, a huge problem, is that those seeking to be new members of Parliament don’t have access to the resources to provide help and information that sitting members have. Sitting members have so many advantages over those who aspire to take their place – elections are often such uneven contests.

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