Up to 1000 women!!!!

An item in the media in the last day or so:-

We did so much work on The Cosmetic Institute¬† some 4 years ago, that we’re astonished that it’s come to this. To us then, there were so many signs that it should be avoided like the plague – but obviously women have continued to be “sucked in.”

We’ve just gone back in our records and found an email from one of our readers dated 12 July 2014, in which this paragraph occurs:-

We think this would have been about the time that they opened their branch at Bondi, which has obviously thrived, to the point that they’ve opened up branches on the Gold Coast and in Melbourne.

We remember sending them so many emails, and getting totally unsatisfactory responses, if we got responses at all.

Readers, too often, when it comes to dealing with doctors, we’ve got to avoid being too naive and trusting – we’ve got to do our homework. ¬†Sometimes, perhaps you can not be trusting enough – but it’s better than spending the rest of your life thinking, every day, “In that situation I was too naive and trusting, and look where it’s got me.”

One thing is for sure – if “homework” was being done properly, there wouldn’t be “up to a 1000 women” thinking they might have a basis to sue this organisation.

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