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There needs to be places where people can go to where, in as short a time as possible, they will be seen by someone who is an absolute expert in two things – (1) diagnosing what MAY be wrong with them, (they don’t have to be right 100% of the time, but hopefully right at least 90% of the time,) and, (2) advising them, directing them to who may be best to help/treat them. These places need to be all over the place, but you’d think they’d be already there in hospitals as large as this hospital.

But, further to this post, it would appear that, back in April, 2015, a 27 year old male was in the Westmead Government hospital for 48 hours before eventually dying, and at no stage during these 48 hours was he seen by anyone capable of diagnosing what may have been wrong with him!!! It is said that there was no “clear diagnosis.” As a result of there being no clear diagnosis, “The Registrars, (who presumably are the people charged with directing patients to the people best able to help/treat them,) were confused about which team was responsible for his care.”

So this poor guy was subject to a double whammy – he was never seen by anyone, (in 48 hours,) capable of properly diagnosing what was wrong with him, (knowing this hospital, there may have been, and may still be, no one in the whole hospital capable of doing this,) and, as a result, he was never directed to anyone properly able to help/treat him, (although knowing this hospital, there may have been, and may still be, no one in the whole hospital capable of properly helping treating him,) and he just died.

There’s are aspects of this story that have us completely mystified – this guy was a doctor, his problem was that he suffered from cystic fibrosis, and had done so from birth – was he too sick to tell the hospital people this? or did he tell them and they just took no notice? And it is said that “Dr Rana had specifically attended Westmead because it specialised in treating cystic fibrosis patients,” – yet they still got it so wrong!

We have been working on these areas for more than 10 years, and the whole scenario seems to get worse and worse and worse and worse.

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