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We continue to be flabbergasted at the extent to which the quality of the experiences of ourselves and others in dealing with the medical profession in NSW is poor.

As one example, one of our readers claims to have been taken to this hospital by ambulance because he was experiencing a severe attack of dizziness, in the hope that he would learn it’s cause, (ha ha ha! ha ha ha! ha ha ha!) – he was simply put to bed and slept it off in 5 or 6 hours.

(On a previous visit to this hospital, this reader claims that they didn’t have enough pillows  and blankets – he was given a wrapped-up towel to serve as a pillow, which was so hard he couldn’t sleep, and when he asked a nurse for another blanket so he’d be warm, she was aghast, responding with, “If we gave you another blanket there would be other patients who would have none.”)

There were/are many issues in this experience, but amongst them was that when he wrote to Sue-Anne Redmond, the A/General Manager of the hospital complaining, he got a letter back from her which included the paragraphs:-

But Oops! he didn’t receive any treatment – he left the hospital within a few hours without having received any.

So what happened here?

Did the “staff involved” LIE to this bloke Denniss, or did they tell him the truth and he decided to LIE to Ms Redmond? Three emails have since been sent to Professor Denniss seeking clarification, and not one of them has even been acknowledged – probably went straight into the trash!

We’ve been working on these issues for more than 10 years and, to us, there are no indications that anything is ever going to get any better, that so many lives are going to continue to be ruined. Although, to be fair, not so many years ago we would have been thinking that the likes of Telstra, the AMP, the big Banks and so on, would never be caught up with – but how wrong we would have been. Modern means of communication are changing everything – it’s almost ridiculously easy to find out what people and organisations are like.

Who knows – one day there may be one person/doctor, in the Westmead Government hospital, just one, prepared to be upfront and honest about issues raised with them by providing reasonable responses to reasonable emails emailed to them!!!???

Of course, the issues talked about in this post are much more serious – a 27 year old being in this hospital for 48 hours without at any stage being seen by anyone properly qualified to diagnosis what was wrong with him, and perhaps for this reason or some other reason, was never directed to anyone who was properly qualified to treat/help him, and so just died.

See what the 27 year old’s mother had to say about this:-

We just don’t have time to go more into this story – especially as we know from previous experience that the CEO of the hospital, Ms Sue-Anne Redmond doesn’t really care; the local State Member for Parramatta, Geoff Lee, whose electorate probably covers Westmead, certainly doesn’t care; the NSW Minister for Health, Brad Hazzard, doesn’t really care, and the NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, certainly doesn’t care.

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