Westmead Government hospital, The 1

A Sydney Morning Herald article this morning tells how Malay Rana, a 27 year old, a doctor no less, died after 2 days in this hospital, in relation to which there are these 2 paragraphs:-

A patient who was to be dead in 2 days, “treated by inexperienced staff!!!???” – typical Westmead Government hospital stuff.

And these paragraphs:-

And this is the solution proposed by the Coroner, Mr Mabbutt, as well as Dr Rana’s mother:-

The problem with this is that it is said that the “Registers were confused” back in April, 2015, and this hospital appears to be in such a mess, still, that everyone seems confused – even if there had been such a specialised ward, the chances that Dr Rana would have been directed to it would seem to be 1 in 100.

What is needed is someone, hopefully one of the very best doctors in Australia, who can say, hopefully soon after the patient is admitted after an adequate examination, “In my opinion this and this is what’s wrong with this patient, and he or she needs to be put under the care of Dr So and So” – but there seems to be no one of this calibre in the whole hospital.

We’ve written about this before, but it seems that NSW Government hospitals attract low grade doctors, by saying, “Come and work for us, you’ll never have to put anything in writing and never be held responsible for anything.”

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