A heart breaking story.

There have been various articles around today about how a Coroner’s inquest has found that a 26 year old mother of 3 children, (including a healthy new born baby,) presented to a NSW Government hospital suffering from sepsis and died from it due to the fact that the doctor or doctors she saw “showed a startling lack of awareness in how to recognise sepsis and how serious the condition is” – see this extract from one of these articles.

You would think that if sepsis is as serious a condition as this article seems to indicate, (and the results of Google searches would certainly seem to confirm this,) that the person or persons who put a doctor or doctors in charge of seeing patients, such as this poor unfortunate lady, who couldn’t recognise sepsis when they saw it, had no idea what it was, should be charged with manslaughter, wouldn’t you think?

This person or these people seemed to respond with, “Oh don’t blame us. We didn’t know that Dr Penaneuva didn’t know what sepsis was!!!???”

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