A/Prof Andrew Brooks, Urologist – dealing with

We’ve put up so many posts on Brooks, which you are taken to if you use the WordPress search facility on the right on this page.

One of the things about him is that he NEVER answers emails, even those which he’s required by law to answer. When a complaint was made about this to the NSW Privacy Commissioner he advised that his email address was set up so that it weeded out emails from patients so that he didn’t get them – this when our technology advisers tell us that it’s not possible for email addresses to be set up in this way, and when his staff did respond to one, about the mechanics of paying his $3,200 fee for less than an hour’s work.

For a while he had an ordinary email address on his website – admin@andrewbrooks.com.au – and even after he took this down, it still worked for a while, although it’s now stopped working altogether.

And he still has an ordinary email address on the Sydney University’s website – andrew. brooks@sydney.edu.au – but he never responds to emails sent using this address. And one of the things we’ve learnt is that if people don’t even acknowledge emails sent to them using a particular email address within 14 days, that they will deny that they ever received them ALWAYS!

So all he has available to contact him is a fax number!!!!! In this day and age???? If any of our readers ever tells us that they have come across a person or organisation that can only be contacted by fax worthwhile dealing with, we’d be absolutely SHOCKED!!!!

BUT, of course, there’s always snail mail, which we haven’t tried before!!!! So this was sent to Brooks today, on 14 June, 2020, by the post, perhaps just for fun!

We’ll let you know if we get a response.

To us, as we keep saying over and over again, it’s so simple, the best people and organisations to deal with have an ordinary email address readily available and, when it’s used to seek help and information, high quality responses are received, and that those who can be only contacted by fax and/or snail mail are seldom worth bothering with – and if there are readers out there who haven’t realised this, we’re not sure what more we can say.

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