Back pain – treatment for 1

We have a friend, now in his early 70s, who’s suffered from back pain all his life – at least since he played Rugby when he was at University.

In the last day or so we’ve received an email from him saying, “I’m having a recurrence of my back problem but hope it will go away with a combination of rest and exercise – tricky to combine those two!”

As our readers would know, we’re always saying that the secret to success in our work and personal lives is to surround ourselves with the best information and the best experts in the whole wide world. And this would apply to our friend and his back pain – somewhere in the whole wide world would be the best information article in the whole wide world and the best experts on back pain. And modern technology does three things – (1) makes it easy to put together the best information article on it, something which can easily be constantly kept up to date with the latest and best information, (2) makes it as easy as possible to locate such articles and such experts, and (3) makes it as easy as possible to pay for access to such articles and such experts. But it seems to us that it’s still not really being done.

In saying this perhaps one or more of our readers knows, and could let us know, of such information and such experts.

By coincidence, we also received this today – along with 30 to 40 other emails spruiking different products and services.

As our readers would know, we’re also always saying that in the Bible, (we think,) it says, “By their deeds ye shall know them,” to which could be added, “By their emails ye shall know them,” and to our surprise, (because it’s not often the case,) the above email had an ordinary email address attached to it – – so we used it to set this email:-

We’ll let you know if we gat any response.

With people and organisations that don’t have ordinary email addresses and don’t provide reasonable responses to emails sent to them, we find that they are seldom worth bothering with.

A 9 Apr 2018 update:  After more than 48 hours, not even an acknowledgment of our email. To us this makes it extremely unlikely that they are worth bothering with.

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