Dr Andrew James Brooks, Urologist 12

Further to the post put up earlier today.

We’ve just had someone ring us from an organisation allegedly called “Australian Reputation Management,” claiming to be speaking on behalf of Dr Brooks, threatening us with all sorts of things – losing our homes, all our furniture, you’ll be “living on the streets,” blah blah blah, blah blah blah.

(This sort of thing has happened a couple of times before, but it’s never resulted in anything happening – although this time it might be different.They always block their phones so you can’t call them back or trace their true identity. They say they’ll send emails, but never do. Probably there’s no such thing as an organisation called¬†“Australian Reputation Management,” – certainly Googling doesn’t locate one. Probably the bloke who rang us is a thug Dr Brooks’ uses from time to time to threaten anyone who says things that are not nice about him.)

Our response – If Dr Brooks has all these satisfied patients who think he’s wonderful, as they claim, why is he concerned about a few people who all they ever do is send him emails asking for his side of one story, to which he never responds anyway.

We can’t help feeling that all this gives a very clear picture of what dealing with Dr Brooks is like – he’ll keep having guys ring you up telling ing you’ll end up “living on the streets” etc. etc.¬†if you don’t stop asking him for his side of a particular story, to which he refuses to respond. Neither he, nor anyone else on his behalf, ever puts anything in writing.

This is one of Dr Brooks’ people’s favourite threats – you’ll be “living on the streets” if you don’t do blah blah blah. Although they usually throw in that you must have mental health problems as well.

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