Dealing with NSW Government Hospitals 1

They’re coming thick and fast – Coroner’s inquests into deaths in circumstances where it would appear a NSW Government Hospital could have done better.

A 13 year old boy discharged, sent home, from one of them shortly after midnight, wheeled to his parents car in a wheelchair because he was too sick to walk, on the orders of one or more people who claimed afterwards that they didn’t realise he would be dead, as it would turn out, within less than 13 ┬áhours.

A 26 year old mother, who died of sepsis, lying besides the healthy baby she’d recently delivered, because the doctor in charge had never heard of sepsis, or, it would appear, wasn’t even capable of realising she was so sick of something that she was close to death, and needed treatment.

And now a baby girl dying of problems because there was no one in the delivery room to assist with the delivery, and all the parents’ “screams” for help were not heard, or, if they were, were not responded to.

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