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We have written extensively about the story of how,¬†way back in November 2014, a Mr and Mrs Amone went to the Fairfield Government hospital for help in having their baby, and got none, and the baby died, and of how it seems that nothing has changed in the almost 4 years since – how there doesn’t seem to be a Government hospital in the whole of the western suburbs of Sydney, perhaps the whole of Sydney, which offers any sort of guarantee that this wouldn’t happen again in their hospital, and it seems that no one cares.

And when the Deputy State Coroner Derek Lee, comes up with something like, “Don’t worry folks! Just go ahead and deliver your own baby, and if it dies, it won’t be because you didn’t get any help – it will be because the baby died naturally,” (see this post,) it seems unlikely that change is just around the corner, at least while Berejiklian is the Premier.

It’s obviously the ultimate in sleaziness for hospitals to call themselves hospitals when they can’t guarantee that couples having babies will always get help. Surely that’s the number one thing hospitals should be about – helping our children to not only avoid death but to have the very best starts in life.

And, of course, the ultimate in sleaziness, as it always is, is Ramsey Health Care, whose hospitals are the same – you can view how we’ve got on in seeking advices from Ramsay in relation to this, by using the excellent WordPress search facility on this blog.

So how do couples expecting a baby deal with this situation? It would seem there is no obvious solution.

We’ve recently come across the list of NSW Hospitals shown below – we’ve got no idea whether it includes them all? Perhaps someone could start sending emails to try and locate any that offer the guarantee we’re talking about – we just don’t have the resources to do it ourselves, even though we would know in advance not to bother sending anything to NSW Government and Ramsay Health Care hospitals as it would just be a waste of our precious time.

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