Deaths from the Coronavirus 1

Wikipedia has been producing daily lists of the deaths of people described as “notable individuals” for many years, with their ages and cause of death, if available. Their lists for 2020 can be accessed by using this link.

Some idea of the seriousness of the spread of the Coronavirus can be derived from the fact that it’s shown as the cause of more and more of the deaths listed.

For instance, there are 27 on the 23 Mar. 2020 list, 10 of them shown as caused by the virus i.e. 37% – shown as aged 63, 89, 75, 75, 87, 30, 91, 93, 84 and 50.

Obviously the ages shown for those affected by it could be skewed by the fact that many of the younger ones who’d died from it may not yet have reached the “notable individual” status.

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