Doctors and other Health Professionals – dealing with generally 3

To us there are 4 types of doctors.

(1) Those who have an ordinary email address, or, at the very least, an email form, and who are prepared to provide medical help and information in emails.

(2) Those who have an ordinary email address, or, at the very least, an email form, who aren’t prepared to provide responses to emails sent to them seeking medical help and information, but who are prepared to respond to those who’ve had a face-to-face consultation with them, who’ve sent them an email along these lines – “In my recent face-to-face consultation with you, I understood you to have said blah blah blah, blah blah blah – is there anything important that I’ve left out?” even if it’s just with a “Yes and no.”

(3) Those who, in the circumstances described in (2) are not prepared to respond in any way.

(4) Those who don’t┬áhave an ordinary email address, or, at the very least, an email form.

In more than 11 years of searching, we’ve only found one who’s as we’ve described in (1) – we’ve sent him 2 or 3 emails and his responses have been really helpful, obviously saving us lots of time, and, less significantly, some money. (He’s refused to accept any money, which we think is madness.) We’re not prepare to give out his name for two reasons. Firstly, because we’re afraid that if what he’s doing became widely known, he could be attacked by doctors and doctors’ organisations that are fighting tooth and nail to keep things as they have been for hundreds of years, in which the people, you and I, have to line up for face-to-face consultations if we want medical help and information. Secondly, because, if he became widely known, he might become too busy to answer our emails!

To us, it’s madness not to make it a rule only to deal with the doctors described in (1) and (2) – other things being equal. Not sticking to this rule has cost us SO dearly. Life and death matters can be involved.

To us, the doctors described in (3) and (4) are going to be replaced by people who are experts on what’s on the internet, because everything we want to know about medical matters, (and everything,) is going to be on the internet, if it isn’t already, and so up-to-date – it’s just a matter of finding it. As a young doctor told us once, “After 3 years, what I learnt in Med School started to be out of date.” And that was 50 years ago!

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