Doctors offering responses to claims/complaints by patients?

With Dr Andrew Brooks, Urologist, we’ve had 4 different people phoning us at various times complaining about the fact that claims made by a reader about how he went in being treated by Brooks are appearing on the internet, each saying saying that “it’s affecting his practice,” (it’s made us feel that we’re doing some good after all,) when all we’ve ever done is publish these claims, expecting, of course, that Brooks would feel some obligation to respond to them, in relation to which he was given every opportunity. Each of these 4 people have said various things about how we need to take these things down, accompanied, of course, by vague threats, and how we owe Brooks apologies and so on and so on!!!!!?????

To us, these phone calls have been quite bizarre, in fact, extraordinarily so – if anyone has owed apologies to anyone, it’s Brooks to his patient. But no, the mentality of the Brooks of this world is that such patients owe him an apology, without him feeling any obligation whatever to provide any responses to their claims, in Brooks’ case, at least, very serious claims.

It’s been exactly the same with Dr Kerrie Meades, Ophthalmologist, and Dr Chris Grant, GP, although in each of their cases, we have been phone by only one of their henchmen.

We can’t help feeling what really strange mentalities these people have.

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