Dr Andrew James Brooks, Urologist 3

The extremely great concern about the health care system in NSW is that we have A SYSTEM  IN WHICH CRIME PAYS!

As we’ve written before, one of our readers claims that he was referred to Dr Brooks for help, and Dr Brooks told lie after lie after lie, clearly with only one purpose in mind – to help him get his hands on a fee of $3,200 for less than an hour’s work, carrying out an operation that was never going to help and did far more harm than good.

But the even greater concern is that being like this, an absolute crook, works better for the Andrew Brooks of this world than being honest and ethical.

(Our reader reports that when he commented to the GP who referred him to Dr Brooks, Dr Chris Grant, “I think he’s just trying to build  up a ‘nest egg’ so he can retire,” Grant just laughed and said, “I would have thought he’d have several nest eggs already!”)

Of course, the theory is that we have regulators like the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission and AHPRA to make sure that we have systems in which it’s better for health care professionals to be honest and ethical than crooks. Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha!

In our experience, if you make a complaint to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission in particular, the health care professional will inevitably have the last laugh.

Of course, to be fair, people like the NSW Health Care Complaints Commissioner, Sue Dawson, may be acting on orders from people like Gladys Berejiklian, “Don’t find too many health care professionals are not very good, or else the people might start to think our health care system isn’t very good, and I can’t be bothered trying to make it any better.”

In a related matter, one of our readers reports that some years ago he had a thriving business in a particular industry, (not connected with health care,) which, by an Act of Parliament was changed from one in which you could get a fair day’s pay for a fair days’s work to one in which you HAD to be a crook to survive which eventually sent him bankrupt – firstly, because he didn’t realise how much he now had to be a crook to survive, and secondly, because, being honest and ethical by nature, even if he had realised this, he may not have been able to become as good a crook as others, like the Andrew Brooks of this world who may have been crooks all their lives.

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