Dr Andrew James Brooks, Urologist 4

We think Dr Andrew Brooks, Urologist, will become famous for what can be called “The Andrew Brooks Excuse,” for not responding to his patients’ emails, even when, by doing so, he’s breaking the law – “My email address is set up so that it ‘weeds out’ emails from patient so I don’t get them.”

He used it when one of his patients complained to Elizabeth Coombs, when she was NSW’s Privacy Commissioner, that he hadn’t responded to a number of requests for copies of medical records to which he was entitled by law, and it worked perfectly, because she responded with, “Oh yes, Dr Brooks – that’s a perfectly understandable and acceptable reason for you not to have responded to your patient’s requests.”

And it would seem from her non-response to an email we sent 9 days ago to Samantha Gavel, who’s now the Privacy Commissioner, (see this post,) that it will work with her too.

So there you are doctors – feel free.

(We’re always wondering where they keep finding these women, supposedly qualified to regulate the health care professions, who turn out to be so completely and utterly useless.)

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