Dr Andrew James Brooks – Sydney Urologist 14

We’ve put up 13 posts on Dr Brooks on this blog, over the years, and now this is a 14th.

Why have we put up so many posts on him? – firstly, because if people don’t start to steer clear of the Andrew Brooks of this world, and, secondly, if nothing can be done to stop the Andrew Brooks of this world from continuing to practice, then perhaps all is lost!

On three previous occasions, someone has rung us, making all sort of threats because of our posts, and each time we’ve said something like, “Send us something in writing, let’s get this all out in the open,” – and nothing has happened.

Well, today, on Mon. 19 Aug. 2019, we got this in writing, from a “Jack Wilson.”

So there you are readers. All we’ve ever really done is send Brooks emails setting out the black and white facts of the experiences our reader claims to have had with him, and provide him with invitations to tell his side of the story – to which he’s never responded.

On the next day –┬áTue. 20 Aug. 2019 – this was sent, by way of reply.

We’ll let you know if we get a response.

A Thu. 22 Aug. 2019 update: Nothing yet from Brooks or his mate.

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