Dr Kerrie Victoria Meades – Ophthalmologist (eye doctor) 3

Further to previous posts on Dr Kerrie Meades and Dr Jennifer Sandbach.

When a complaint was made about them to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission by a Mr XXX, a response was eventually received which has this paragraph in it:-

One of the great problems, when it comes to making complaints about doctors to the HCCC, is that those about whom complaints are made can request that what they have to say is not disclosed to the Mr XXXs, (which they obviously always do,) so that when it comes to those in the HCCC considering the merits or otherwise of a complaint, they don’t have before them any of Mr XXXs responses to anything those who have been complained about may have said, any of their side of he stories, because they’ve never seen them.

It’s like having court cases where one side isn’t even allowed to know what the other side is saying – nothing short of bizarre! To be fair this appears to be in the hands of the politicians rather than the HCCC.

So of course the Kerrie Meades and Jennifer Sandbachs of this world tell lie after lie after lie, knowing that the Mr XXXs won’t ever know what they’ve said, and so will never be able to respond to their claims.

But none of this would have stopped the HCCC from simply asking either of them, “Can you let us have copies of the results of the MRI and blood tests?” Obviously they didn’t do this or they would immediately have had black and white evidence that they’d been told black and white lies, as Mr XXX was never sent “for an MRI and blood tests.” Would the HCCC ever do such an obvious thing? Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!

In response to them saying that, “Dr Meades said in her response that double vision is a difficult condition that requires extensive investigation, for which she advised you to see Dr Sandbach,” on another occasion, when it suited her, (as we’ve related in this post,) Dr Meades said that she thought Mr XXX didn’t have any double vision at all, that he was just being a trouble maker in claiming that he did.

What would the chances be of the HCCC facilitating any questioning of Dr Meades about this, and letting the people know what she had to say? Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!

As for claiming that, “Dr Meades advised that she and Dr Sandbach thought it would be best fo you to see another ophthalmologist!” Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! They would have both been terrified that Mr XXX might see another Ophthalmologist, they kept insisting that he keep making more appointments with them, because when Mr XXX eventually had had enough, the first new Ophthalmologist he saw told him that everything he’d been told by Meades and Sandbach was rubbish, either by omission or commission.

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