Dr Peter John Stewart – Sydney Surgeon 2

As set out in our previous post, one of our readers underwent three lots of treatment with Dr Stewart for help with the wetness and itchiness around his anus he was experiencing, including an operation under full anaesthetic, and they didn’t help in any way.

When a complaint was made to him about this by our reader, although Dr Stewart admitted his failure to help with what our reader had thought he was helping him with, he claimed that our reader should be truly grateful to him for helping him with “something else” which the reader didn’t know about, something quite major, something for which his treatment and care had been quite wonderful!!!!????

Of course, he didn’t offer to provide anything which might help establish the truth of what he was claiming, any X-rays or copies of anything from the reader’s files.

All he said was, “I have discussed your case with a number of highly regarded surgeons in the field who agree that the clinical care that I provided you with was excellent.” You would have thought that if this was so, at least he could have got one of these “highly regarded surgeons” to put their opinion in writing to add credibility to what he was claiming, but if he did this, he was not about to provide a copy of what they had written to our reader.

Dr Stewart’s position was quite simple. It was up to our reader to establish that he HADN’T helped him with this “something else!!!!????” And he virtually mocked him for not being able to do this!

More childishness?

More later.

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