Dr Phillip Ajaje – Dentist

We’ve been working now for more than 10 years, (and working as hard as we’ve ever worked,) on trying to help ourselves and others to only consult and use the very best doctors and other health care professionals, and to avoid those who are not the very best. And almost every day we are being more and more flabbergasted at the extent to which it seems that so many health care professionals are continuing to operate, perhaps even prosper, when there is already so much on the internet which should cause people to avoid them like the plague, when it would appear so obvious that consulting and using them could be SO detrimental to our health and well being.

To us, Dr Ajaje is SUCH a case in point – none of the information on him coming from us or being hi-lighted by us.

It’s not that this information doesn’t exist – it’s that we, the people, are just not doing our homework.

The problem is not the amount of information that’s so readily available to us, it’s our attitude to this information. Strong warning indications all over the place are just being ignored.

What flabbergasts us almost as much is how we ourselves have been SUCH slow learners – how even 4 years ago we were SO naive and trusting!

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