Eye Infections – treatment for

On the face of it, the information you see in¬†this article¬†couldn’t be more valuable, and The Eye Practice is to be commended for publishing it.

One of our readers reports that, after reading it, he is SO ANGRY. Three parts of the article are particularly relevant:-

He says he’s angry because of what he says happened to him – on looking in the mirror one morning he saw he had eye problems, so he made an appointment to see his GP who he thought was quite good, and she immediately said, “Oh, you’ve got conjunctivitis,” and prescribed Chlorsig, and he believes that “three weeks later” he would have still had a “red eye,” (because that’s what he had, not conjunctivitis – the GP didn’t look properly,) – “maybe even redder than it was to start.” Certainly, after he’d implanted the Chlorsig 16 times over the next 4 days things were getting worse, not better. Fortunately, then one of his family members made him aware of this article, and so he stopped doing it, and is awaiting further developments.

He believes that, from this article, the first thing his GP should have asked him was, “Are you experiencing watery discharges from your eyes?” Because he was, and this would have indicated to her that Chlorsig was not the answer to his problems.

There’s one proviso to all this – one of our other readers claims that some years ago he had one of the nastiest experiences he’s ever had with a health care professional with Jim Kokkinakis, who appears to be The Eye Practice’s principal. So we’re not fully trusting this article just yet.

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