Fairfield Government Hospital, The 1

On 25 Nov 2014, a couple go to this hospital (email address: fairfield.hospital@sswahs.nsw.gov.au,) for help in having their baby and receive none, they have to try and deliver the baby themselves, and the baby dies.

No evidence, in the more than 3 and a half years since, that anything has changed – that exactly the same wouldn’t happen again in June, 2018.

You would think that Gladys Berejiklian and her mates could organise for there to be somewhere in the western suburbs of Sydney where this wouldn’t happen – where couples could go for help in having a baby and be GUARANTEED that they would get it, that they wouldn’t have to deliver the baby themselves. But no, it doesn’t seem that this is going to happen.

Nobody at the hospital will respond to emails about it. And, of course, there’s no way you can email Berejiklian and get a response.

She has done her bit.

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