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If we do a Google search on “aged care bashings” Google comes up with 8,170,ooo results – which we’re beginning to explore in case they provide us with any clues as to which aged care facilities might be the best for us and ours, and which ones might not be amongst the best.

Of course, information on the 4,713 complaints made to Australia’s  Aged Care Complaints Commission in the 12 months up to the 30 June 2017 would be of immense help with this, if it was ever made available, but we fear that this is not going to happen, at least while Ken Wyatt is the Commonwealth Minster for Aged Care – see this post.

Amongst these results there are  several which include information on Dana Maree Gray, who, according to  media reports, (where would we be without journalists?) was recently sent to gaol for at least 6 months for bashing an 85 year old in The Poplars nursing home at North Epping, one of the facilities owned by Estia Health.

In relation to this, this letter has been sent by email to Estia:-

The reason for sending this is that we will all learn a lot about Estia from the way in which they provide a response, or don’t offer a response – just as we’ve learnt a lot about the Hospital for Specialist Surgery, Bella Vista, by their complete failures to provide responses to any emails sent to them about allegations that one of their senior nurses, (she’s out on bail,) went through the possessions of one of their elderly patients, stole 2 credit cards, assaulted her and assaulted her until she revealed the pin numbers, and then used them to steal $1,000, from which it would seem clear that it’s managers and directors just don’t care about what happens to their patients at the hands of their nurses. (See our previous 10 posts on this hospital.)

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