Finding the best medical specialists to deal with 8

This is our 8th post on this subject. To summarise and elaborate.

To find the best medical specialists to deal with, what we strongly recommend, (and do it all the time ourselves,) is that readers send an email to at least 20 of those who may be able to help them along these lines:-

And if they do this, we will be very surprised if they don’t feel it’s fairly easy to decide, from such replies as they get, which may be the best one or two specialists for them to at least have an initial face-to-face consultation with.

To us, if a doctor, or someone on their behalf, provides a good response to such an email, it indicates:-

That they are into communication – many doctors aren’t into communication if you’re sitting right in front of them.

That they are likely to be prepared to put things in writing – if doctors are prepared to put things in writing it’s less likely there will be misunderstanding, it’s less likely that they will be trying to get away with not knowing what they are talking about, and it’s more likely that they will stand behind the things they do and say.

Of course, the time consuming part of this, is putting together the email addresses that are needed to do this – we find that if these are readily available, it’s not hard to send out 40 emails in less than an hour.

To help with this problem we have started putting together the names of various medical specialists – use this link to go to a list of over 30 Sydney Neurologists.

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