Finding the best specialist doctors to deal with 3

Further to this post, this is what we do if we are looking for a medical specialist.

Firstly, we do a Google search on “ratemds sydney,” click once on the top result that comes up, click once on “All Specialties” which appears in a window and a list of specialties appears, (they have almost 60 listed,) and click on it once, and a list appears of the doctors who they have ratings on. (When we did this recently, the names of more than 100 doctors specialising in the area we were interested in came up.) But we only do this as a quick and easy way to get the names of doctors we are interested in checking out – we have long since stopped taking to much notice of ratings and ratings sites.

( is the website of an organisation based in Toronto, Canada, which claims to have more than 2 million ratings on doctors on it.)

Secondly, we do Google searches to locate doctors who have ordinary email addresses readily available – we can’t be bothered with those who don’t.

Thirdly, with those who have ordinary email addresses, we send them the sort of letter set out in this previous post.

Fourthly, we carry out such additional searches on those who have provided the four or five best responses to our emails as may occur to us, and usually end up making appointments with the 2 or 3 who have come over the best, all things considered. But we can’t stress enough how important we think good responses to our emails are.

In our experience, with doctors who are not prepared to put anything they have to say in writing, what they have to say is almost invariably rubbish.

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