Finding the best specialist doctors to deal with 6

To us, the best specialist doctors to deal with have an ordinary email address and reasonable emails sent using these addresses are responded to with reasonable responses, if for no other reason than this – from time to time in dealing with them we may have small but important matters on which we need clarification, and ideally we shouldn’t have to go to the trouble and expense of arranging another face to face consultation to have them clarified.

One Specialist of whom we are aware, Dr Andrew Brooks, Urologist, even though he has an ordinary email address on his website, (or at least used to – it’s since been taken down,) believes in keeping his life simple. He says, “Oh my email address is set up so that emails sent to me by patients are “weeded out” and I don’t receive them.”

The worst part of this was that when an email address was on his website, there was no warning that this was how it was with it.

To us, it’s kindergarten stuff that Specialists with approaches like this should be avoided like the plague.

And to us, there’s a general principle here. We were told once, many years ago, that if we want to know what someone is like, just get them to write something down, and with the internet, this has become almost ridiculously easy – just send them an email, and you’ll find ¬†out exactly what they’re like very quickly. But obviously people are not doing this, or are not taking any notice of any outcomes. That people like Andrew Brooks are getting any patients at all, (and laughing all the way to the bank,) for this and other reasons is almost beyond belief!!!! But it’s not the fault of the Andrew Brooks of this world – it’s the people’s fault, for putting up with this sort of stuff.

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