Geoff Lee – Parramatta State Member of Parliament 1

What a joke this bloke is!

If he ever does any work, it’s on collecting the 15..20 glossy photos of himself taken in photo opportunities that he keeps sending to his constituents.

We’ve got plenty of attempted correspondence with him we could publish to back up this opinion of him – but we’ve got better things to do with our precious time. And we’re sure that any readers who’ve ever sought help from him themselves know this already.

To be fair, if any of our readers has ever emailed him and got a response that’s at all helpful, if they could send us copies of their email and the response, we’d be more than happy to publicise them on this blog.

As we’re always saying, “By their emails ye shall know them” – along with the famous quote from the Bible, “By their deeds you shall know them.”

Readers, we’re waiting.

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