Geoff Lee – Parramatta State Member of Parliament 5

Geoff Lee is a typical member of the Berejiklian Government, and, in fact, of Premier Berejiklian herself, and, in fact, NSW politicians in general – if you send them an email or a copy of an email you’ve sent to others, you’ll get automated responses like this.

Somewhere along the line some brain-dead marketing people have advised that, “If you tell people that they need to provide their full contact details before you’ll provide responses to their emails – the people will accept this.” And people like Geoff Lee, Premier Berejiklian and others have responded with, “Oh yes! that makes perfect sense!”

Unfortunately, this may be true with lots of people.

If you live in the electorates of people like Geoff Lee, you can expect to get expensive brochures mailed to you every couple of months which include 15 to 20 photos of his like in “photo opportunities,” and, of course, best wishes on your birthday! – but no responses to enquiries about even the most significant matters!

Of course, what should happen, is that, if the Geoff Lees of this world can’t provide you with answers themselves, that they direct you to someone in the whole government who can, without you providing your contact details.

The old saying is SO true – “we get the politicians we deserve.”

People, as fresh elections start coming up, please, please, please, email all the candidates asking them if, if they get elected, they will answer your emails, even if you haven’t provided all your personal email details – and vote for the candidate who provides the best response.

At least, if more and more people do this, the first step might be achieved – there may be more politicians who provide answers to our emails without us providing all your personal contact details.

A contribution put together with one of our readers.

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