Getting answers to our medical questions by Googling?

We recently came across this on the web, which we find SO interesting.

So, claims that, for 40% of people these days, Google results are “their only source of information for their health.”

No doubt this would be of great concern to the people at the Australian Medical Association, whose job it would to fight tooth and nail for the system that’s been in place for hundreds of years to continue – that for people to get “information for their health” they needed to go to a doctor. And we strongly believe that for them it’s only going to get worse.

The health information that’s online is only going to get more and more and better and better, because, as we read recently, more is going up on the web in two days in 2019 than used to go up in a whole year just a few years ago. And as well, we believe that something’s going to happen, something that we’ve written quite a lot about, and that is that there’s going to people, people who may or may not have gone to Med School, and more and more of them, who earn a living by researching what’s online – instead of carrying out research themselves, people will find that it’s better to pay these people a fee to do the research for them.

We believe that, when this “catches on,” and we admit that there seem to be virtually no signs of this happening to date, but that when it does, it will spread very rapidly.

Another thing that interests us about the above is that no mention is made, by the Australian Medical Association, of all the times that Australian people have been misdiagnosed by doctors –¬†and, of course, never will be. They try to ague that something against people using Google to find information for their health is that it costs the tax payers money for tests that are carried out because of their misdiagnoses. But this applies just as much to tests carried ou because of misdiagnoses by doctors.

Of course, organisations like the Australian Medical Association will never be interested in the subject of misdiagnoses by doctors.

It would be interesting to know how many of those who now “use Google as their only source of information for their health” do so as a result of having had the experience of being misdiagnosed by a doctor – if research was ever carried out on this.

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