Getting cheaper medications

We’ve been aware for some time of the tussle that’s going on between, on the one hand, the big pharmaceutical companies listed on Stock Exchanges, (often referred to as “big Pharma,”) mainly based in the US, and other suppliers of medications, mainly based in India.

(One of our readers told us once that tablets that cost $1,200 or more in the US, can be bought for $5 in India.)

(We keep being reminded of an email we got once from someone from Australia, who’d ended up as a University Professor in the US, in which he said – “I’m 73, and should have retired years ago, but here in the US, any nest eggs we’ve built up for our retirements can be gone in a flash if we experience any kinds of medical problems – so we all keep working.” No wonder!!! And then he added. “Its a strange culture we live in!”)

But this even surprised us.

We have, in the past, got cheaper medications through an organisation called VGRAustralia, (although not for more that 6 months,) but when we Googled “VGRAustralia” this morning, we got 27 results, but VGR Australia’s website was not one of them! It was as though they were no longer in business! In other words, Googling “VGRAustralia” doesn’t, as you would expect, take you it’s website. One wonders how this has been organised!!!??? It was only when we Googled “,” which was a lucky guess, that we were taken to it’s website.

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