The Robert Gottliebsen point of view? – we disagree 1

We have always held Robert Gottliebsen in the highest regard as a journalist and commentator, but find the following profoundly disturbing as it would tend to indicate that he’s got things totally wrong.

It’s not “something seriously wrong” that “has developed” in “Australia’s biggest and best companies and the public services,” the Big banks, the AMPs, the pharmaceutical companies, the Government hospitals, the private hospitals, the Telstras, the AHPRAs, the HCCCs, the legal systems etc. etc.¬†What “has developed” is modern technology, which has made it easier for the people to become aware of the “seriously wrong” things that have always been going on all around them.

With companies that are about making money it’s easy – “the leadership” has always been about coming up with schemes they could get away with that which increase profits, irrespective of the consequences for those dealing with them.

One of our readers reports that way back in the 1970s, if you wanted new phone lines, you had to pay bribes to Telstra people – What else could you do? Another reports that in the 198os he went bankrupt, lost everything, including his marriage, because of a change in the law which was nothing short of bizarre, which the AMP exploited in a way which was totally unscrupulous.

With other organisations, the reward systems are about money, yes, but other things as well – but the last thing that’s considered is what’s good for the people.

The good news for the people is that, as they live their lives picking their way through the people and organisations on all sides trying to “rip them off,” modern technology has made it much easier to find out which people and organisations to trust, and which to avoid like the plague – in fact, in many ways, we think you can find it to be kindergarten stuff!

But the bad news is that there’ll probably never be as much money in helping people do this as in being in large organisations being paid for coming up with new and better ways to “rip people off” that can be got away with, which is their job, as it’s always been and perhaps always will be.

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