GPs to be paid by Medicare for non face-to-face consultations?

A media headline from a few days ago:-

One of the reasons doctors have been giving for not providing non face-to-face consultations, (and justifiably so,) is that rebates from Medicare have not been available for their time in doing so. Is this no longer the case? (Or have we got this wrong.) And if so, how is this all going to develop – for instance, which GPs, if any, are going to start providing non face-to-face consultations?

Perhaps if any of our readers locate such GPs they could let us know their names so they could be  shared with other readers.

And perhaps readers could enquire of their own GPs when they might start providing them.

To us, providing¬†non face-to-face consultations would require fairly specialised skills which would lead to some GPs specialising in providing them, perhaps that’s all they would do – with most GPs still not providing them. But we’ll see.

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