Japara’s aged care and retirement living homes


A Ms Noleen Hausler, having become concerned about how her elderly father was possibly being treated in one of Japara‘s 49 aged care homes, had a camera installed in his room, and, eventually, what was recorded by this camera provided the basis for one of Japara’s employees, a Corey Lucas, to be sent to gaol, his treatment of her father was so bad.

We say, eventually, because initially, according to this article, Ms Hausler’s complaining was fought tooth and nail by Japara’s management, in particular, by Mark Sudholz, it’s co-founder and CEO.

It’s said that “Ms Hausler was accused of stalking by Japara management, which also tried to undermine her application to become her father’s guardian because they were concerned that she would put a CCTV camera back in his room.” Also, “Mr Sudholz wrote an email to a staff member criticising Ms Hausler’s persistent complaints about Japara.” And so on and so on.

But eventually, presumably because of Ms Hausler’s persistence and the perceived strength of her case, Mr Sudholz obviously realised that he had no choice but to back down and apologise, which he duly did.

In this further article, (as we keep saying, where would we be without the journalists,) these two paragraphs appear which just make us laugh. This one.

And this one.

When are more people going to realise that it’s the job of CEOs of companies, especially public companies, like Mark Sudholz, to maximise profits, mainly by creating cultures which maximise profits. It’s certainly not to provide dedicated and compassionate care for residents in aged care facilities – to the extent that things like this are done, they are just means towards the end of making more money. In every situation they are going to choose whatever makes the most money.

We have written extensively over the years about similar experiences with public companies like Bupa Aged Care, Ramsay Health Care, and so on.

How do we as individuals counter this?

One of the problems is that they all seem to be as bad as each other, but we believe this is gradually going to change, and that will be by us as individuals holding them more accountable by the use of emails.

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