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As readers of this blog would know, we strongly advocate, (and do it all the time ourselves,) that those who need help with medical problems email those most likely to be able to help them asking them whether helping those with particular medical problems are “within their areas of expertise,” or something similar, and have initial consultations, at least, with those whose responses come over as the best.

It doesn’t work perfectly all the time, but, in our experience doing this increases enormously the odds of us ending up with those most likely to be able to help us.

To us, if people and organisations provide good responses, it indicates, firstly, that they’re into communication – lots of doctors aren’t into communication when you’re sitting right in front of them, and secondly, that they’re more likely to put things in writing, and when doctors put things in writing, (1) it lessens the chances of misunderstandings, (2) that they’re unlikely to tell you rubbish as their reputation is on the line, and there’s more you can do about it if they do, and, (3) that they’re more likely to stand behind what they do and say.

Of course, to do what we’re advocating requires that we have the email addresses of those likely to be able to help usĀ – we find that when lists like this are available, doing what we’re advocating doesn’t involve much work at all. Once we’ve settled on the email we want to send, we find that we can send out 20 emails in less than half an hour.

We’re in the early stages of putting together such lists – click here, to go to a list of 8 Sydney ENT practices with more than one specialist, with the names of 49 specialists on them, with email addresses, and 24 Sydney ENT practitioners who have their own individual websites, with email addresses.

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