Lyme Disease in Australia – an Internet Researcher to help us?

A highly intelligent female in her 50s, (with qualifications in one of the health care fields,) who we know, says she has now had Lyme Disease for 3 or 4 years, during which, amongst other things, she couldn’t work and lost a lot of her memory, from which she is finally starting to recover – poor thing!

As with everything, the earliest possible diagnosis is essential. (See our posts on a 27 year old “Malay Rana,” who, after 48 hours in the Westmead Government Hospital during which his illness wasn’t properly diagnosed, just died.)

If we do a Google search on “Lyme Disease Australia,” (there seem to be problems about Lyme Disease that are unique to Australia,) 3.3 million results came up in just over a second – but where do you and I start in gathering information which would increase the chances of us getting the earliest possible guidance as to whether we may be starting to suffer from it or not? let alone getting the best possible treatment if we are?

What is needed is perhaps even just one person in the whole wide world, with medical training or perhaps not, who decides, “I’m going to dedicate my whole life to learning everything there is on the internet about Lyme disease, and writing about what I learn and answering people’s questions.” If there was such a person, the world would be a much better place.

So why is it not happening? We believe, quite simply, because the people are just not used to the idea – they just accept the present system where they have to make appointments to see a doctor who may or may not be an expert in helping those with their particular problems, (he or she won’t advise them in advance,) perhaps take time off work to have a face to face consultation for which the doctor is often late, often really late, who charges more than they earn in a large part of their day, and who provides advices that aren’t helpful and are never in writing.

If ever people could earn a decent living by dedicating their lives in the way we’ve described, the world would be completely changed almost overnight.

Do any of our readers know of someone who was/is an expert on what’s on the internet on Lyme Disease in Australia? In the meantime, we’ll keep looking.

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