Michael Keenan – Federal Minister for Digital Transformation 1

Something more to leave us absolutely flabbergasted! Something more we could write a book about.

In an article dated 21 Nov. 2018, headed “Government services to go digital by 2025,” these paragraphs occur:-


To read the whole article, use this link.

BUT!!!, if we want to contact Minister Keenan himself, and we click on the link to do so – https://www.aph.gov.au/Senators_and_Members/Contact_Senator_or_Member?MPID=E0J – we find that all we get is one of those horrible email forms.

You would think that anyone interested in the “highest standards of service delivery, customer experience, simplicity, flexibility and ease of use,” let alone someone in our Federal Government in charge of providing these things to us the people, would have an ordinary email address available to those who wanted to ask him any questions himself. But no, all that’s available is an an email form.

As well as all the other disadvantages of email forms over ordinary email addresses, you can’t include screen shots in email forms – and including screen shots is an essential part of effective communication this days.

AND!!! to communicate with Minister Keenan, you HAVE to disclose your residential address!!!

What on earth does your residential address have to do with anything? That providing your residential address is an essential part of you asking questions, only arouses the gravest suspicions that there must be some ulterior motive for this – there can be no legitimate reason for it.

The fact is that there are two far more significant things stopping us from experiencing more of the “highest standards of service delivery, customer experience, simplicity, flexibility and ease of use,” than the technology involved. Firstly, for these things to come about, (and we don’t for one moment thing that governments are serious about bringing them about,) there needs to be far more people, intelligent capable people, working on providing answers than there are at present – our guess would be ten times as many. And we’ve never seen the slightest indication in any government that they are interested in going to the trouble and expense of providing these – they are just interested in using every trick in the book to reduce the number of questions. Secondly, there are often no answers that can be thought of that would increase the chances of them being re-elected, which, in the end is all they’re interested in – the only answers they can think of would either be lies or would decrease those chances.

The technology required is the least of the problems. It’s already available, ready to go.

As you can see, this article goes on to say:-

What on earth does this mean? To us it’s pure gobbledegook!

To “hold ourselves to account,” more ordinary email addresses have to be available, and there have to be more more sensible intelligible well trained people providing responses to emails, not just yearly, but every day of the year. We feel like adding , “you dope.”

Some of us have thought of sending some of this stuff to Minister Keenan, but we draw the line at providing our residential addresses. People Minister Keenan are always talking about the importance of “privacy,” but before they respond to any questions sent to them, are always wanting us to disclose private details – as though they have anything to do with the enquiries that are being made, which of course they don’t.

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