Obtaining cheaper medications

A contribution from one of our readers:-

Amongst many things, stories like this, (and there are lots of them like it around,) raise something that has had us completely puzzled for years – there would be millions and millions of people all round the world buying millions and millions of medications from the multi-billion pharmaceutical industry every day, so why aren’t there people in the business of providing help to those who want to buy quality products for the best prices, answering any questions they may have. To us this is almost unbelievable – but it seems that it’s left to individuals like our reader to do their own research, to find things out for themselves, someone who appears, just by pot luck, to have found something which is going to save him hundred of dollars.

It’s not as though we are still in the last century. Modern technology would make it kindergarten stuff for just a few people to get together and provide help to the whole world.

To us there can be only one or more of three reasons.

(1) The big pharmaceutical companies have got everyone intimidated, including governments, who are prepare to impose legal penalties to help their “Big Pharma” mates. In this post we told how someone who appears to know something about these things claimed some time ago that tablets that could be bought for $5 in India cost $1,200 in the US – is this still happening?

(2) There’s no money in providing this help,

(3) The cheaper medications are not worth the money.

Our reader’s first lot of tablets came from a US company, the second lot from Sunrise Remedies, an Indian company that claims to be “fast growing,” to have grown to “dizzying heights,” which you would think, if these claims are at all true, wouldn’t happened if there were problems with it’s products.

Who knows – our next lot of news on this may be that our reader is in gaol or has been bashed to death?

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