Patient and Family Experience Units in NSW government hospitals???

An email just sent, (on Thu. 19 Dec. 2019,) to Brad Hazzard, the NSW Minister for Health.

We are SO excited to learn that such a unit exists, at least for the Royal North Shore government hospital, and, particularly if other NSW government hospitals have them – to usĀ it’s a highly significant GAME CHANGER!!!

This almost makes us laugh – perhaps even Brad Hazzard doesn’t realise how much it’s a game changer! Because, amongst other things such units would involve the government in employing experienced and highly intelligent, (and, almost certainly highly paid,) people to carry out investigations and to provide high quality responses to emails from patients – you would hardly think that low quality responses could be got away with. This when, (and we speak from a lot of experience, especially with the Westmead government hospital,) we’ve never got the slightest indication in the past that there are people like this in government hospitals. And would undoubtedly lead to lots of the doctors in government hospitals having to be sacked for shere incompetence.

It wouldn’t surprise us if Brad Hazzard and the Berejiklian government in general suddenly thought, “Oops, we hadn’t thought of these things,” and backs off somewhat from having such units. But if they don’t, the people of NSW are going to be SO much better off.

Come to think of it, we’ve never got the slightest indication in the past that there are people like this in private hospitals, particularly in the Ramsay Health Care organisation.

It’s going to be SO interesting to see how things develop from here on.

We’ll let readers know, if and when, a response is received from Minister Hazzard to the email set out above. Hopefully, for our readers, such a unit exists for the government hospital nearest to them. And we’ll be particularly interested to know whether one exists for the Westmead government hospital.

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