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As part of our work on this blog we have just spent quite a lot of time viewing some of the ratings on the internet on Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and some of them are nothing short of sickening, many quite distressing – if we are to allow them any credibility at all. And none more so than a number of the ratings on one of the specialists at Primary IVF, an Australian wide organisation claiming to be “Fertility Specialists.”

This has added to the extent to which we are totally mystified by the fact that organisations like Primary IVF continue to exist, and not only continue to exist, but seem to be expanding?????

To try and learn how it’s management might view such poor ratings on one of it’s people, and what it’s management might be like in general, just in case they care, we have just used the email form on it’s website to send them this:-

We would have thought that, pending a satisfactory response to this enquiry – like advice that this particular person has been sacked – this organisation should be avoided like the plague.

We’ll let you know if we get a response at all.

As we’ve said before, we are often not sure how we should view ratings, and often don’t take much notice of them – perhaps a lot of them are bogus. But we recognise that if patients do have a bad experience with a doctor, putting a bad rating up on the internet about them is often about all they can do, with the so-called regulatory agencies, like the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission being so excruciatingly bad, and the management of the organisations in which they work not caring a damn.

What’s intriguing about this instance is that, usually, when a doctor has a number of bad ratings, the bad ratings are quickly outnumbered by those in which they are described as perhaps one of the best doctors in the history of Christendom – in this case there are only 7 like that, along with the 19 that are not so good, most of them incredibly bad.

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