Ramsay Health Care 2

If you go to this post, dated 11 Feb 2018, you will see that part of it is this.

Briefly, when the Police started following up on complaints about the activities of Dr Ong Ming Tan, a senior Psychiatrist working in a Ramsay entity, enough evidence was found for him to be sent to gaol for two years and for him to lose his registration as a doctor for 5 years. And, of even more concern, there were allegations that the management of the entity, in particular it’s CEO, Ms Anne Mortimer, had been warned about these activities for year before he was actually charged – see things like this on the internet.

This led us to write to Ms Mortimer asking her if she could explain certain inconsistencies in what she’d had to say in response to these allegations, and all we got back was an email telling us to “p___ off.”

So if these allegations are true, Ms Mortimer had been warned for years that one of her senior doctors was sexually abusing patients, when he was, and she did nothing about it, and when anyone dares to point out that there may be inconsistencies in what she has to say in response to these allegations they are told to “p___ off.” And when it seems that in the years since Dr Tan was finally convicted, Ms Mortimer has been given substantial promotions within the Ramsay organisation!!!??? Well, when things like this happen, perhaps it’s not surprising that there appear to be those who are becoming disillusioned with Ramsay Health Care.

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