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To us it’s almost a scandal that Ramsay Health Care, one of the biggest hospital organisations in the world, should not be going out of their way to be as easy as possible to deal with, when people’s health, even their lives are at stake. But with them, as it seems to be with so many people and organisations, it’s all about getting away with as little as possible.

In the past, we’ve found them hopeless to deal with, but we haven’t tried for a long time, so today we decided to see if anything had changed.

Having established by searching their website, that Ramsay’s Westmead Private Hospital’s CEO was a Mike Flatley, we used the Hospital’s email form to enquire whether he had an ordinary email address. (To us, if the CEO of any organisation doesn’t already have an ordinary email readily available, it almost guarantees that he or she has no real interest in any of the problems people may be having in dealing with their organisation.)

In response, we got this:-

There were two problems with this. Firstly, that the ordinary email address provided for Mr Flatley – Executiveoffice.wmp@ramsayhealth.com.au – didn’t work, emails sent to it were returned.

And secondly, that when I tried to email Debra back to tell her this, the email address she’d used to send me her email – IrwinD@ramsayhealth.com.au – didn’t work either.

So their email form was used again, to send this.

This resulted in us getting a phone call from Debra, – phone number 8837 9102, – who told us, with a tone in her voice that gave us the impression that she wasn’t the sort of person to suffer fools gladly, that the problems couldn’t possibly be at their end – they must be at our end.

We’ll see!

So having got nowhere in trying to deal with the Westmead Hospital, we decided to send an email to Ramsay Health Australia, to see if they were interested in any of the problems we were having. They only had an email form, too, which was used to enquire as to whether it’s CEO had an ordinary email address, as follows:-

We got this in response:-

But, again, when we used the email address provided – feedback.rhc@ramsayhealth.com.au – it didn’t work, it didn’t get through!!! And when we tried to respond to Daisy using the email address she’d used to send her email – contactcentre.rhc@ramsayhealth.com – it didn’t get through either!!!

So we had 4 email addresses for Ramsay and it’s hospital, and none of them worked!!!

This led us to using the hospital’s email form to send this:-

We realised afterwards that we had been provided with 4 email addresses, with all of them not working.

If we hear from them, we’ll let you know.

Who knows? It may turn out that the problems are at our end, which, for the time being seems, to us at least, to be incredibly unlikely – we’ve never come across anything like it before.

But if it’s not, as far as we’re concerned it be nearly enough to persuade us, and perhaps some of our readers, that Ramsay, in general, and their Westmead hospital should be avoided like the plague. To us these days, one or perhaps two lots of emails are usually enough for us to decide whether people and organisations are “good guys,” to deal with, or perhaps not.

Guys, we have to do our homework!

A 27 Feb. 2021 update: Well we’ve solved the puzzle. Emails sent to Ramsay, both it’s hospitals and head office, using info@questionsmisc.info don’t get through because Ramsay has a policy of to blocking any emails using this address so they don’t get them. Emails using our other addresses do get though.

Readers, doesn’t this tell you SO much about Ramsay!

All we would have ever done would have been send them emails asking for their side of stories, and they’ve obviously decided that, when they can’t be bothered providing them, that not only will they not provide them, they’ll block any further emails from the address that’s been used. It would seem that when dealing with Ramsay, you may need about 10 different email addresses, because they’ll block the further use of any emails that have been used sending them emails they can’t be bothered answering. They obviously believe that they can still be successful enough while being this arrogant.

As we keep saying it’s all the fault of us the people – we keep dealing with people and organisations that are like that.

27 Feb. 2021


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