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An article in The Australian this morning.

It almost makes us laugh.

Poor old Ramsay! In times when the competition from public hospitals is such that (1) when a couple go to one of them for help in having their baby, they get none, and their baby dies, (2) when a 27 year old dies after two days in one of them, having not been seen at any stage by appropriate staff, (3) when a 13 year old, so sick that he has to be wheeled in a wheel chair to his parents car, is discharged by one of them at 1 o’clock in the morning, only to be dead in less than 13 hours, more and more people are deciding that going to Ramsay is perhaps not worth the money, that perhaps they will be just as well off going to a public hospital, and the word is spreading. And, dear oh dear oh dear – it’s affecting the money Ramsay is making.

Over the years, we’ve spent SO much time dealing with Ramsay, and the fact is they’ve been getting away with things that are nothing short of atrocious for years – perhaps things are catching up with them. The last thing you should ever expect is that anyone from Ramsay would be upfront and honest – try emailing them about anything at all and see how you get on.

We’re particularly interested in the fact that apparently there is a slump in their maternity bookings – this when, as mentioned above, a couple went to a Government hospital for help with having their baby, and got none, and the baby died. We have been thinking that the solution to this might be that couples seeking to have help with having a baby might have to go to a private hospital, except that now it might be, but never go to a Ramsay hospital.

As we keep saying, where would we be without journalists.

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