Royal Commissions as a solution to problems 1

Has the Financial services Royal Commission changed anything in the insurance companies sector?

We sought to find this out in relation to the AMP.

See this correspondence, after an email was sent to the AMP complaining bitterly about some of it’s conduct in the past, how it had conducted totally cynically.

We’ll let you know if we hear anything further.

The Facts of Life.

Insurance companies are about collecting as much as possible by way of premiums and paying out as little as possible out in response to claims – there’s nothing wrong with this, that’s business, that’s how it is.

The ONLY thing that will ever make them do the right thing is if they feel that one of their competitors might be perceived as doing the right thing more, be more value for money.

Emailing offers a totally new and revolutionary means for the people to gather information as to which company might be doing the right thing most, be offering the most value for money.

In relation to the conduct of insurance companies, Governments are completely and utterly useless, even Royal Commissions.

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