Sydney Neurologists expert in Low Dose Naltrexone 1

With all the enthusiasm on the Internet for Low Dose Naltrexone, we’ve set about trying to locate at least one Sydney doctor who might be able to help us and our readers with it, if it was appropriate.

One doctor, unfortunately interstate, has described it as perhaps “the most important therapeutic breakthrough in more than 50 years,” and who, when emailed with,”What symptoms do you consider to be best treated with LDN?” replied with, “Any autoimmune disorder, any cancer, PTSD and chronic fatigue syndrome, all may respond to LDN.”

And another practitioner, also interstate, is equally enthusiastic.

So we’ve started, just started, sending out emails along these lines to Sydney Neurologists:-

Obviously we’re looking for doctors who might provide responses like, “Yes I’ve studied LDN and I may be able to help you.”

So far we seem to be a million miles away from this happening.

For our list of 12 we’ve emailed so far, use this link.

We’ll keep you posted.

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