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To us the secret to success in our work and personal lives is to surround ourselves with the the best experts and the best information in the whole wide world. And to us, the best way to try and surround ourselves with the best experts is to email those who may be the best experts with emails along these lines:-

“I am a male in my – indicate age.

I am having problems with blah blah blah.

Is helping people with these problems within your areas of expertise?

If not, is there anyone else you can recommend?

Looking forward to hearing from you.”

One of our readers tells us that he did this recently in relation to hearing problems he was having, with, what he considers has been spectacular success. He sent the email to over 20 ENT, (ear nose and throat,) specialists, got 6 or 7 replies, and from these picked what he thought were the 3 best and lined up appointments to see their authors. He didn’t think the first person was very good, but he was so impressed with the second that he cancelled his appointment with the third, and says he’s fairly confident that he’s seeing the best one in Sydney.

The hard work with this, is, of course, putting together the list of email addresses – once you’ve got such a list, you can send out 20 or more emails in half an hour.

With this in mind we’ve put together a list of email addresses for 22 Sydney Urologists which you can view by using this link.

Of course, modern technology makes possible the carrying out of lots of different research on which doctors may be the best ones to use and consult, but to us, finding out which ones provide the best responses to our emails is easily the most important.

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