The “ALWAYS being provided with help in having a baby” problem

Since the media reports on a couple going to the Fairfield Government hospital for help in having their baby in November 2014, and getting none, they had to deliver the baby themselves, and the baby died – we haven’t been able to stop thinking about this problem.

Here’s something one or more of our readers could do.

Locate Australian hospitals that have ordinary email addresses or email forms – we’ve always found that those who don’t are not worth bothering with. And with these hospitals, email them asking that if couples come to them for help with having a baby, that they will ALWAYS get it, that they would NEVER have to deliver the baby themselves.

There are supposed to be a thousand hospitals in Australia, so surely there must be some that do.

We’ve already done some work on this and there doesn’t seem to be any NSW Government hospitals, or Ramsay Health hospitals who do – but then that was to be expected.

And, of course, we’re yet to find a politician who cares.

But we just don’t have the resources to do any more on it.

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