The Berejiklian Government in action 1

To us, this is scary!

If you do a Google search on “NSW Coroner’s Court,” this is part of one of the results that comes up.

So, in NSW, the Coroner’s Court finds out the truth, “gets to the bottom of things,” and the media keeps us, the people, informed as to what the Coroner’s Court is finding – at least that’s the theory and in our experience that’s what’s happened in the past.

But perhaps under the Berejiklian Government it doesn’t always happen!!!??? In the case of Sam and Sharon Amone, who went to the Fairfield Government hospital for help with the delivery of their baby, and, it is alleged, found they had to deliver the baby themselves with no help from anyone, and the baby died, there were media reports on the Coroner’s Court proceedings everywhere, on the 11, 12 and 13 Mar 2018, as the proceedings were just getting going, (do a Google search on “inquest death newborn fairfield,”) and since then, NOTHING!!! In more than 6 weeks, NOTHING!!!

And of course there’s nothing we could find on the Coroner’s Court website about this, and it could be years before there is anything.

What is going on!!!???

And what are the chances that the people of NSW will get some sort of guarantee from the Berejiklian Government that this won’t happen again?┬áSurely the people of Western Sydney deserve at least one hospital where this guarantee could be apply, even if they have to drive an extra 5 to 10 kms to get to it.

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